Marcello Maloberti is a visual artist, born in Codogno (Lodi) in 1966.
He currently lives in Milan. Maloberti’s research draws inspiration from aspects related to marginal and minimal urban realities, paying close attention to the shapelessness and uncertainty of Life.
His studies go beyond the immediate evidence of familiar aspects, with a neo-realistic focus that results in an estranging and dreamlike point of view. His performances, featuring large-scale sound and light installations, are realized both in private and public spaces, with a strong theatrical influence and a distinctive element of public interaction.

Maloberti has given emphasis to the duality of art/life using languages that can be seen and felt (photography, video, performance, installations, collages, sculpture and drawing), enriching them through a powerful performance.
Maloberti is a professor of Visual Art at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts) in Milan, Italy.